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Continuous Stainless Limited staff have an extensive range of knowledge and training enabling us to fabricate to Dairy Standards a wide variety of Plant requirements: Chilled Water Line and Compressed Air Line, Tanker Wash Pipework, Blending Plant Conduit, Flooring pump/pipework removal and reinstate, Platforms, Valve banks, Cyclone build or replacement. We are happy to assist with big or small projects.

Stainless Balustrade and downpipe

For your household we offer Continuous Stainless Guttering, which is ideal for coastal regions. We use a marine grade of Stainless Steel which is low maintenance, has unobtrusive brackets and no environmental impact. Stainless Guttering does not oxidize like other guttering products and can be fitted to new houses or those being refurbished.

​We construct handrails and balustrades compliant with NZ Safety standard for internal and external stairwells and decks.  We offer a range of styles- box section, elliptical and round tube,glass combined with stainless, matt finish through to fully polished, fitted into your home or business.

Stainless Pullboxes

For your business or workshop Continuous Stainless Limited can build anything from Toolboxs to pullboxs, all to your specifications. We can fabricate those difficult one off items that are sometimes needed for the smooth running of your business. We have a range of stainless steel pullboxes able to be delivered at short notice.

Custom items
custom manifold

Continuous Stainless Limited can fabricate a wide range of stainless steel items for your personal needs.  Car manifolds, game fishing boat rod holders, table top rotisseries, furniture, anchors, trailers just to give you a few ideas.  We make sure items are made to your exact specifications, ensuring a happy customer.

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